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Poem in Your Pocket Day

We’re hosting a “Poem in Your Pocket” day as a celebration upon completing our poetry unit in Language Arts. It coincides with the National Poem In Your Pocket Day. This year’s event is being held April 26. It’s coming up soon! You can join us this year even if you haven’t taught poetry in your classroom yet!

Have students find a poem they enjoy or write their own. There are lots of poems online, in magazines or in books. They can write it down, photocopy it or print it off, but be sure they keep the name of the author so they can give proper credit. Students keep it their pocket (or some other clever storage solution-one student clipped it into her hair). Students can then share their poems with each other or with other adults within the school or in the community.

It’s even more fun if you involve students from other classes or get teachers on board and it takes very little preparation. In fact, we printed out a few extra poems so students who forgot could still have a poem to share. Some of our favourite Canadian poets are Sheree Fitch, Dennis Lee and Loris Lesynski. Be sure to check them out-you probably have their books in your school library.

We decided to create pockets for our students and got a little carried away, creating an entire product for teachers like you. We want to help spread a love for poetry. You can find it in our store. Students from your class and all over your school can get involved with this project.

So, what poem will you carry in your pocket?Love the Brain Ninjas

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