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Use Google Hangouts to Run a Book Club

Google Hangout Book Clubs

Are you looking for a twist on a Book Club? Using Google Hangouts can be just the twist you need to get students reading, writing and talking about books. If you need a lesson on how to use Google Hangouts, you can check out the lessons from Google.Divide your students into groups. Each group will be a Book Club. Choose one novel for each Book Club. It can be the same novel for each member of the group or it can be a set of books with a common theme. Set up a new chat and invite each member of the group with the email address. Make sure you, the teacher, is a member of each group so you can easily post and access the discussions. Name each group with the name of the novel or give each group a nickname to keep track of each group.

Now students are ready to use Google Hangouts to start chatting about their book or books. The purpose of Book Clubs is to encourage discussion-not to be a writing assignment to prove a student has rad what you’ve assigned.

How to Host Discussions
Either the teacher can pose questions that encourage discussion or members of the club can ask questions as part of the discussion. Teach students they can text within the app or they can record a video to provide their thoughts, comments or answers to questions. There are also fun features like GIFs and images which students can use with the teacher’s discretion.

How to Assess the Discussions
You can easily access everything that is posted within the Google Hangout so it is easy to go back and check which students have posted and then read or listen to what they have said.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you tried this? Let us know in the comments below.

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Google Hangout Book Clubs

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