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Stop Overlooking Health Class!

Our curriculum is such that health is taught as part of our physical education lessons. We’re required to have thirty minutes of movement activity. This means health rarely happens for most teachers because it’s shoved aside for more meaningful lessons like reading, writing and math.


There are so many valuable lessons in health class that can actually help with reading, writing and math, so we wrote up an entire year (and then some) of lessons to try to integrate health into other lessons. You have to teach it anyway, so why not get more out of it? Continue Reading

Teacher Wellness

A Teacher Never Rests

Teacher WellnessThe Ninjas have been on holidays, enjoying new adventures to new places. But are teachers ever really off? As one Ninja travels overseas, the other explores the great Canadian west coast.

Day 7:  Walking along the beach, in the early morning mist and fog, the beauty of the ocean is overwhelming and the rocky beach is a rock collectors paradise. Inspired, the rock collecting begins, after all you can never have too many rocks. Continue Reading