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Métis Storytelling Through Art


Often we do not have the time to get deep into every outcome in our Program of Studies.  One of the best ways to teach children about different cultures is through art.

This is a lesson we’ve done with our students for years.

If you look for them, there are many books out there illustrated by Aboriginal artists of Canada.  Their artwork is inspirational and many students connect with the illustrations of these books.  They often depict the oral traditional stories of various groups of Aboriginal people and so they become invaluable in teaching students about the belief systems of other people in a creative way.  You can easily combine art and social studies!


TheGivingTreeOne of our most beloved books is by Leah Dorian.  Her beautiful artwork is a favourite of our students.  Every school we have moved to, we have re-bought this book so it can be in the school library.

We have created a visual lesson plan that you can use with your students below.  For the more teacher-friendly version, you can download it free HERE.


These are just a few of the amazing pieces of art this lesson inspired.  We have more included in our free lesson, so be sure to download it.  MetisCovers

In what ways do you combine art with other subject areas?  Let us know in the comments below.


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