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15 Picture Books for Lunar New Year

lunar-new-year-picture-books (1)Usually we talk about Chinese New Year but did you know that many other countries celebrate the new year at the same time? In Vietnam it is called Tết and South Korea it is known as Seollal. These new year celebrations are based on the lunar calendar which is calculated using the movement of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth.  Because of this, lunar new year is celebrated some time in January or February.  This time of year is a time when families gather, share food and many local traditions.

Here are some possible picture books about the lunar new year:


Do you celebrate the lunar new year? What traditions does your family have? What traditions have changed because you live in a country that doesn’t celebrate the lunar new year? Leave us a comment below.

Love the Ninjas

lunar-new-year-picture-books (2)

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