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Recycled Cork Ornaments

Do you have a bunch of wine corks laying around? Well, they can make great ornaments with a little paint and detail.

First of all, you can buy corks the old-fashioned way by drinking wine, but they are also available at craft or hobby stores. If you have wine drinking friends or student parents, let them know you’ll be collecting the corks in advance of making these ornaments. One cork per student will work best.

Corks can easily be turned into snowmen (white paint), reindeer (brown paint), Santa (red paint) or trees (green paint). Add googly eyes, glitter, string, sequins to add details if you have extra money in your budget. If money is a little tighter, just use a permanent marker. Metallic Sharpies can also add lots of bang for your buck. A few students made penguins by added a little orange construction paper (you could use foam, too)

We used hot glue guns to add a string to the top. If there’s a hole from a corkscrew, this is a great place to attach the string.

If you are absolutely desperate and cannot get your hands on enough corks, buy a case of wine… No, sorry, consider using old marker caps from Crayola markers or old lipstick lids. Anything that has a similar shape will work. Lastly, ask your families to save all their corks over the holiday break and then you’ve got a good collection started for next year.

We’d love to see your creations. Be sure to tag us on social media.

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