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Valentine’s Day Love Trees

ValentinesTreesDo you need an activity that you can use to teach students about color while making something special for Valentine’s Day? Do you dread having to find something do for Valentine’s Day? Are you a Valentine’s Day fool? Or Scrooge? This is for you!

There are several variations to make this project listed below, but basically it’s a tree with heart-shaped leaves. Sounds great, right?

Who doesn’t need a heart-shaped leaf?

Recommended Materials: paper, water-soluble markers (Crayola and Mr. Sketch work best), watercolor paint, watercolor paintbrushes, coffee filters, ice cream pail lids or plastic plates, black thick marker (Sharpie works great), scissors,  glue, spray bottle.

Remember, these are just recommendations. Feel free to take the idea and use it with whatever you have available.

  1. Have students make a watercolor wash on their paper by using plenty of water to make the paint move easily across the page. They should aim for either warm (red, yellow, orange) or cool (blue, purple, green) colors. Leave this to dry.
  2. Each student colors a coffee filter with the markers. They can make complementary (opposite) colors or analogous (similar) colors. Broad stripes or patterns looks great. When finished, lay these flat on the plates or lids and spray them gently with water. This will cause the colors to bleed into each other. Leave these to dry (usually overnight).
  3.  When the watercolor wash is dry, use the black marker to draw a tree. Start with a broad trunk and then make it taper off into long branches. Add “y” to the branches to fill out the tree. It’s ok to not be perfect because students can paste the leaves over top of any mistakes.
  4. When the coffee filter is dry, students can cut out heart shapes. This works well by folding the filter in half and cut just half a heart.  Glue these onto the branches of the trees.
  5.  Ask students to explain their color choices. Are they warm or cool? Are they complementary or analogous? Use this as a method for assessment.  Were they able to complete steps independently? Or age appropriately?

Ways to Modify:
– if you don’t have coffee filters, try just coloring on paper.
– if you have students who struggle with working independently, draw one big tree together as a class and place all the hearts on it. It would be a great door decoration.
– if your hearts are big enough, have students write kind notes on them or happy faces or wishes.
– these make great cards which are perfect to send home to parents.

Do you have other ways to modify? Let us know and we’ll add your details.

What are some of your favourite art projects for Valentine’s Day? Be sure to leave us a comment in the space below.

Love the Ninjas

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