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How to Prank Your Students

AprilFools1Do you need a simple, easy, quick and painless way to have fun pranking your students for April Fool’s Day?  Here is a little something just for you that won’t end up having students in tears or parents beating down your door.

Last year our class was notorious for the students trying to prank the teachers.  They wAprilFools BrainNinjaseren’t good at it, but we did “get” them a few times.  We’ll write about that later.  For now, we want to help you prank your students with this word search.  The prank-none of the words listed are actually in the puzzle.Our fourth and fifth graders worked on the puzzle for about ten minutes before they started to complain that it was  AprilFool too hard.  We encouraged them and then one student eventually found the words “You got pranked.”  The response from the class was hilarious and they spent the rest of the school year trying to prank us (nine year olds don’t know how to keep a secret so we had to act surprised a lot).  We modified the puzzle slightly to read Happy April Fool’s Day and there’s a version with no message included.

Best part-we’ve already made a puzzle for you that’s FREE in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Tag us on Instagram @brainninjastpt so we can see the fun in action.  🙂

Love the Ninjas

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