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How to Prank Your Students: 2017 Edition

Do you like a lighthearted and fun prank? Do you have students that enjoy a good laugh? Are you looking for a way to celebrate April Fool’s Day?

Last year we had so much fun sharing our word search that didn’t have a solution, we decided to continue the tradition with a new prank for 2017. If you’re looking for last year’s prank, check it out here where you can download it for free.

This year we created a few mazes; one for younger students and one for your older students, but neither maze comes with an answer key…because there’s no way out!  (Insert ninja laughter here). If your students say they’ve found a way out, don’t be fooled-it’s a trick!

The best part is that it’s free! You just have to download it from our Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking on the icon.

Thanks for all your support and we hope you have fun pranking your students. We’d love to see their reactions. Tag us in your social media, send us an email or leave us a comment below.

Love the Ninjas

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