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Back to School Holidays and Seasonal Professional Learning Teacher Wellness

Five Things You Should Do On Your Break to Be Ready for Back to School

SummerTitleTeachers are notorious for never really taking a break. We’re super teachers! We never need sleep or down time or family. Somehow we feel guilty if we don’t spend our whole summers getting ready for the new school year.

It’s true-we could spend every waking moment working on our classrooms or planning amazing lessons for our students. Should we feel guilty for not spending every weekend slaving over marking or making resources?

Absolutely not. After all these years of teaching, we’ve managed to figure out that it will still work out whether we spend a thousand hours or three. Continue Reading

Ninja Tips Teacher Wellness

Home Office Ideas?

OfficeTitleThe ninjas are always thinking of new things to create and spending lots of time working on ideas and resources at home (yes, we know, after a full day of work we should be unplugging but we just can’t help it). One ninja has taken over the dining room table to work while the other has been struggling with setting up good office Continue Reading

Classroom Set Up Just For Fun Ninja Tips Teacher Humour

Ways to Save a Buck (AKA Ninjas are Thrifty!)


TitleSlideNinjas are thrifty and we like to reuse as much as possible, so here are our top five ways to reuse your back to school gear and save some money at the same time.

Repurpose your old borders and signs.  You probably have some of those old borders or signs that are looking tattered or faded.  Try cutting out the little pictures (or better yet have some older students volunteer their time) to reuse.  We use these little pictures for all kinds of things: game pieces, name tags, labels and my personal favourite-classroom sign out.

Teacher Wellness

Less Is More



Sometimes it feels like teachers are stretched so thin. It’s impossible to do it all. That is when the guilt sets in. It feels like we should be able to do more, but maybe the trick is to do less? Of course, in a perfect world teachers would have input into making these decisions, but a girl can dream, right? Continue Reading

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A Teacher Never Rests

Teacher WellnessThe Ninjas have been on holidays, enjoying new adventures to new places. But are teachers ever really off? As one Ninja travels overseas, the other explores the great Canadian west coast.

Day 7:  Walking along the beach, in the early morning mist and fog, the beauty of the ocean is overwhelming and the rocky beach is a rock collectors paradise. Inspired, the rock collecting begins, after all you can never have too many rocks. Continue Reading