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My Plan Book Isn’t Pinterest Worthy

Plan BookYou’ve seen those beautiful planners all over Pinterest and on everyone’s social media. They are masterpieces that we wish could emulate, but alas, us ninjas have a lot going on and so our plan books have been an evolution. We realized early on that our plans aren’t pretty and we needed a way to share a classroom and thus, share our plans with each other.

Finding the planning style for you takes time. Here are some of our best tips for figuring out your planning style.

  • District/School Requirements: Sometimes the thinking is done for you because your district or school has specific rules about how plans are to be done. If this is the case, sorry, we don’t have a solution (but when us ninjas win the lottery and start our charter school, you can come work with us).
  • Subject areas vs. Bell Schedule: Depending on the amount of flexibility you have in making your own schedule, your planner might need a few blocks to write in or a complicated break down of each lesson.
  • Techy vs. Low-Techy: Your comfort level with technology can help you or hinder you.  There are many apps out there to help schedule your day, but sometimes a simple paper copy is all you need.
  • Size Matters: Do your plans travel with you to and from school? If you’re like us ninjas, you like to take your plan book for a drive home every evening, let in hang out in your front entrance way and then drive it back to school. Maybe something small or online would suit you better.
  • Pretty or Simple: If you like decorative tape, fancy pens and stickers-use a paper book. If you like colour coding and fancy fonts-find an online planner.


Over the years, we have experimented. For quite a while we did all our plans online using PLanBookwhich was great most of the time (the power outage of 2013 was slightly disastrous). We mostly plan while walking through our classroom together and write it down on our paper plan book which is kept on our desk. Taking a quick photo at the end of the day prevents us from taking it for an evening drive. We’ve also heard of teachers sing Google Calendars to do their planning.

So, finding your planning style takes time. If you like decorating it-go for it. Most of all remember, sometimes plan change and classrooms get messy. Our plan book may not be one of the beautiful ones we love to repin on Pinterest, but it fits with our teaching style.

What’s your planning style? Let us know in the comments below while we go post pictures of our planner on Pinterest just for fun.


Plan Book


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