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Ten Ways to Procrastinate


It’s almost summer break and there’s so much to do. Between putting this year’s classroom away and planning for the next schoo year, it can feel like there isn’t enough time. The Ninjas have been struggling with time management over the break as we are both trying very hard to balance life andwork. So, here are ten of the ways you can put off what you need to get done just like we did:

  1.  Pinterest
    This is always a great way to spend a few hours of your time.  Fill up those boards with great ideas that you will always wish you had the time to do!
  2. Facebook
    Live vicariously through other people who get out, do things and take photos of it.
  3. Twitter
    Randomly scroll through and retweet little tidbits of information one tweet at a time.
  4. Instagram
    There can never be enough time to look at people’s pets dressed in human clothes or plates of food.
  5. Netflix or Other Streaming Sites
    There’s time to binge watch an entire series but not time to write ONE BLOG post in a two week school break.  (not that one of the ninjas learned this from experience)
  6. Clean Out the Utensil Drawer
    Nope, there’s not an app for this, but it amazing that when there’s a tonne to do, that is the best time to sort out the knives and forks and vacuum out the drawer.  Warning: This can lead to cleaning the vacuum.
  7. Decorate Your Planner
    At least if there’s nothing in it-it will look GOOD.
  8. Move Furniture
    Instead of writing lesson plans, reorganize the living room.  And make as many people in the household as possible join in on the fun.
  9. Cook or Bake Something
    It looks like organization, but it means you can stand in front of the stove for hours and look busy (while watching Netflix).  Think soup.
  10. Clean Out Your Purse or School Bag
    This will give you a whole other list of things to do and if you’re lucky you’ll find the thing you were looking for in December.

So, if you’re like us and having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things, take some advice from us.  Turn off the social media.  Turn off your phone.  Put on some energetic music and enjoy yourself for the last days of break.  Enjoy the people around you because soon enough you’ll be tired and cranky and everything will still get done.

Happy New Year!  Let us know your favourite way to procrastinate in the comments below.


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