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How to be a Teaching Teammate

TeammateAre you someone people like to work with? Or not? It’s too easy to blame others when we aren’t happy in a situation. So, here are some ideas about how to be a good teammate:

1. Sign up and help with what you can. If you can’t sing, don’t volunteer to be the concert director. Likewise, if you hate basketball, why are you the coach? The students will pick up on your negativity, so do what you love (or at the very least can do).

2. Be organized. People are more likely to help out when you know exactly what you need from them. They are more likely to work with you if they know they can depend on you.

3. Learn to delegate and ask for help, but this means you need to understand when Team4and how to ask for help from others. When you are dead, no one will care if you single-handedly ran 34 events in a single school year. (see about rule about being organized)

4. Learn to say “no.”¬†This does not mean never sign up for anything, but does your school need a crazy event every week? Maybe the staff needs a reminder about the teaching aspect of school instead of raising money or collecting items or hosting events every week.

5. Say thank you.¬†Sometimes reminding people you appreciate them goes a VERY long way. Saying thank-you along the way can help minimize trauma down the road when things change at the last minute. People are more willing to help out coworkers who are grateful than know-it-alls or “I’ll just do it myselfs”

What are your tips for being a teaching teammate? Leave us your advice in the comments below.

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