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Do you have a blog post idea but don’t have a blog? Write it for us and we may publish it as one of our Guest Authors. If you are interested in submitting an article for our consideration, please read our requirements before sending it.

Our site is a called Ninja Notes because it is meant to be quick and short bits of information to help teachers be their best. All blog posts must be related to teaching. Our focus is upper elementary (Grades 3-5). Consider the audience before writing your post. While we are Canadian, we prefer to keep all posts general enough that they can be helpful to teachers around the world.

Our site is only interested in publishing material that is useful to other teachers. It must be uplifting, inclusive and informative.

No affiliate links can be included. The exception-if you are a Teachers Pay Teachers seller, you may include one link to one item in your store. The link cannot be the main focus of your post. The post must be useful to the reader without having to purchase your material. No links to
affiliate websites, other blogs or other sites will be permitted.

Posts should be 100-500 words long. We reserve the right to edit your post for length, grammar, Canadian spellings/terminology or to clarify for our readers. Titles should be no longer than eight words.

Up to four photographs can be submitted. These can include your logo or button, but we ask that they are sent with and without so we can edit them to create the heading photo for the post. Do not include specific names of students, coworkers, schools or education organizations. Photographs cannot contain faces or identifying features such as logos.

Do not include copyrighted or trademarked materials.

If you have a button or logo, that can be submitted for credit on your photographs and for the post. While the post will be branded to match our site, your name will appear as the Guest Author. All posts are published under our site author name Brain Ninjas. You may include a
short biography or your credentials which will be included in your byline. This can include one social media contact.

Please consider that posts are scheduled for publication 6-8 weeks before holidays and seasonal days. For example, if you’re looking to write a post about Halloween, it should be sent in no later than the end of August.

Your post must be original and cannot be submitted elsewhere.

If we decide not to publish your post, we will inform you via email and you are free to submit it elsewhere. If we decide to publish your post, we will let you know of the publication date so you can promote it with your social media. Your post will be included in our promotions on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Bloglovin. We ask that you repost and share your publication on our site, too.

If you are still unclear, please read some of the posts on our site to get a feel for how to be a ninja.

Ready to submit?

  • Email one article at a time to us at
  • Place the following in the subject line: Ninja Note Submission-(your name)
  • Send your complete written post as the text portion of the email. Include paragraph breaks and/or headings.
  • Attach all photographs (do not included them within the words) separately to the email.
  • Attach your logo/button if you have one.
  • Please spell check your email/article.
  • If you have specific instructions regarding the photos (order, descriptions, captions etc) include these at the bottom of your email.
  • Include your biography information. You may include one social media contact so your readers can connect directly with you.

That’s it! We can’t wait to read your post!

Love the Ninjas