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Twisted Literature Circles

Twisted Literature CirclesFor years I’ve done Literature Circles and tried lots of variations, but this one worked really well with students.  It allowed them some independence while still having accountability. We hosted a book club for students one day a week and used the Twisted Literature Circles lesson and activities to help students organize their learning for the books they read.

For this activity students were placed in groups of 4-5 students and were given a book at their reading level. They signed a contract to decide how many chapters would be read each week and which task the group members would do.  While I decided on the groups and the books, they decided on the due dates and projects.

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Student Feedback:

  • I liked making my iPad.
  • Usually I can’t get all my work done because I read slower.  This was good because there wasn’t too much writing and I had enough time to get my part done for the group.
  • Can we do this again with our own books?
  • I really liked the ones when we got to draw.

What types of activities do you do with your class involving novel studies?

Love the Ninjas

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