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Recycled Materials: Christmas Wreaths

Here is a great activity your students can do that is both environmentally friendly and makes a wonderful Christmas gift.

Your students can help create one wreath as a group or can create their own wreath depending on how much material you have to recycle.

Materials: 1 metal clothes hanger per wreath, old green clothes such as shirts, socks, tablecloths, towels, sheets, and pants (they can be a variety of shades of green as well as different types of materials, but in our experience knitted items do not work well), scissors that cut cloth, green yarn scraps, decorations such as bows, bells and old ornaments

Here’s how to make it:

1. Bend the metal clothes hanger so that it makes a large circle. Keep the hanger part as it is so that the wreath can be hung when it is finished.

2. Cut the material and yarn into strips about 12-15 cm long.

3. Tie the strips of material and yarn onto the hanger randomly (so that similar colours and materials are not always side by side). It works well to have two people tying on opposite sides at the same time. A single tie is all that is needed.

4. Continue until the entire wreath is filled with material. You may need to push the strips together to make more room.

5. Once all the green material is attached to the hanger, trim the ends of uneven pieces.

6. Attach your decorations to personalize the wreath.

Hang your wreaths proudly. This is a great project to leave in your Makerspace so students can pick away at it over time. We set up six wreaths and then let students work on them in between their other work or when they finished early.

Have you tried this? Let us see your completed wreaths. Tag us on social media or leave a link to your project in the comments below.

Love the Ninjas

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