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Need a Punny Activity for Valentine’s Day?

So many of those store-bought Valentine’s are impersonal, so why not try this punny activity with your students? Now, beware-many students don’t really get puns, so you may have to do some explaining.

We started by sharing puns from this website.

After we were familiar with the idea of puns, we tried to make our own with students. We started with popular phrases like ‘you sweep me away’ and ‘you make me happy.’

The we either found a picture that could match or we slightly changed a word to match. So, ‘you sweep me away’ was paired with a broom while ‘you make me happy’ became ‘you make me hoppy’ and then we drew a rabbit. Students had a lot of “pun.” They were so creative, we made our own book that was placed in our school library.

Have your students make their own Valentine’s cards using their puns. They don’t have to have a different pun for each person, but making their own can be so much fun-and way better than just having snacks and a movie.

And, just for fun we made our own set of Valentine’s cards that use puns. You can get these or make your own.

Share some of the best puns your students wrote below. We’d love to hear from you.

Love the Ninjas

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