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Math Monday-Representing Whole Numbers


We use interactive notebooks in our math class.  We have found creating a reference book of concepts and procedures that students can refer to when working in math helps them build confidence and develop independence.

Our notebooks are created using two pages for each concept.  On the right hand page, we share the lesson including importantvocabulary, examples and hints or tricks for the procedures.  On the left hand page, students prove they understand the concept by verbalizing what they have learned, diagramming a procedure and then making a personal connection to what they have learned.

Here is an example from our Representing Whole Numbers unit:


This is both the lesson page (on the right) and the proof page (on the left) as it looks when the complete concept it complete.

First we do the lesson page (on the right hand side).  This page can take one whole math class (sometimes more depending on the concept).Slide2

Then we work on worksheets, activities, games and mini-assessments to see how well we understand the concept.  Once we feel confident, we return to the math journal to prove we understand by doing the left hand page.Slide3

We have found students who consider themselves “not good at math” tend to do better with interactive notebooks because it gives them a chance to verbalize their learning.

Slide1Are you looking for templates to use for Representing Whole Numbers? Try our Interactive Notebook + Representing Whole Numbers product on Teachers Pay Teachers.  The packages includes the template shown above, a template for Ordering Whole Numbers and Rounding Whole Numbers.  It also comes with materials for setSlide3ting up your interactive notebook, practice pages, games, assessments, “I Can” statements and complete lessons that are sub-proof.  You can purchase the Representing Whole Numbers product by itself, or as The Growing Bundle at a reduced price which will get you ALL of our math products as they are added through the year (it will save you a bundle).

There are many different templates for interactive math journals out there and most of them are great.  The difference with our journals is that they are not just a cut up worksheet.  They are pages students interact with while they are doing their class work.

Do you use interactive notebooks?  How are you using them?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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