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Logic Puzzlers

Do you like to do logic puzzles? Some people like word searches and others like Sudoku, but logic puzzles is where it’s at. They require critical thinking, problem solving and deductive reasoning. And they are fun! Students learn to read for information in a way that is highly engaging.

The challenge with logic puzzles is to figure out what information you know for sure and what information you do not know and then compare it. The best part is that you rarely need any background knowledge to answer the puzzles because all the information is found right on the page. Students who love a challenge love logic puzzles because they aren’t easy, but they aren’t impossible.

More fun than solving a logic puzzle is writing them! Our students love to try to write them as well. We’ve created lots of different puzzlers in lots of different themes. you can find them all in our store.

Back to School (Freebie)
Back to School
Winter/Christmas (Freebie)
Valentine’s Day

Do you need some help learning how to solve logic puzzles? This is a video we often use to help our students understand and practice.

Have you tried logic puzzles yet? What do your students think? Let us know in the comments below. Better yet-do your students have a great idea for a new set of logic puzzles? We’d love to create it just for them!
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