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Last Year’s Word


There has been much talk on social media lately about picking a word to represent your year or what you would like to accomplish.  It’s been a challenge this year to pick a word, but all of that will be revealed in another post.  As for last year’s word, there’s a story and tattoo involved, so get ready for the story.

It’s not often I/we share personal stories on our blog.  It’s been nice hiding behind our brand, but maybe it’s time to explain some of our strange unusual personality traits behind the ninja masks?

Let’s start with the word.  Breathe.  When I told my word to a few people last year they asked if it was because I was worried I would forget to do it, but there’s actually a more practical and sentimental reason for the word.

In 2010 my sister was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  After getting the news she sat in the hospital parking lot with my parents in stunned silence for quite a while and then finally she blurted out, “Just breathe.  It will be fine.”  It became the family mantra.  My twelve year old even did a hand lettering sign that my sister hung in her room.

A few months later my sister convinced my mom to get matching tattoos of the image my daughter had created.  My mom got her first tattoo at sixty-five.  My daughter also wanted to get the tattoo (but let’s be honest-what parent lets their then 13 year old get a tattoo?).  I promised my daughter she could go with her auntie when she was 18 to get the tattoo.

And then my sister died in 2014.  We knew it would happen eventually, but we didn’t expect to be saying goodbye so soon.

Slide1So, a month later I allowed my daughter to get her tattoo and I got a matching one.  I thought I would never get a tattoo at forty, but well…  My daughter was sixteen (and already wants another one!)

When people ask me what my word is, I don’t tell them.  I show them.  It’s always with me.  Let us know your word in the comments below.  We’ll be sure to share this year’s new word very soon-and it will NOT be a tattoo.



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