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It’s Our Ninja-Versary!

AnniversaryButtonThe Brain Ninjas are TWO YEARS OLD!  On May 29, 2014 we officially opened our store. It was nearly two weeks later when we sold our first item and made a whopping $2.16 and from then on we were hooked.

Our first sale was our Wetland Physical and Behavioral Adaptations activity.  It is still one of our best sellers, but it’s had several makeovers since then.  Each time we learn something new, we try to apply it to all of our new products as well as going back to redo all the previous ones.  We’ve made plenty of duds and we can safely say two more years from now we’ll come back and be surprised at what we thought was quality.

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It is so hard to believe that we are only two years into this journey we jumped into.  We’ve learned so many things and still have so much to learn.

We didn’t celebrate our first anniversary. It wasn’t because we didn’t want to, but can you believe we didn’t have a website (this is actually our THIRD website since last August). We didn’t have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest Boards or an Instagram account. We’d never heard of Bloglovin’ or Periscope. No Blab. No YouTube Channel. We just lived in our bubble.

But then we burst the bubble.

Our journey started with a what if? What if we tried it?  What do have to lose? It’s still a what if? every day, only now we know how much we enjoy it.  We love meeting all the wonderful and supportive people from the Teachers Pay Teachers community as well as all the teachers we’ve met around the world by connecting with this amazing community.  Teachers just like YOU!

Thanks for joining us on our journey and cheers to many more years on this exciting road.  What should we tackle next?

Love the Ninjas


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