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Home Office Ideas?

OfficeTitleThe ninjas are always thinking of new things to create and spending lots of time working on ideas and resources at home (yes, we know, after a full day of work we should be unplugging but we just can’t help it). One ninja has taken over the dining room table to work while the other has been struggling with setting up good office
space in the spare bedroom without breaking the bank.  After muchOffice2 research, setting up a standing desk seemed to be in order. Between some IKEA furniture and some random wood piling up in the basement a new work space has been created (still a work in progress as it gets tested out!).  The other ninja has decided a new desk is in order, but is there space for it?

Storage space is a continual problem.  There are lots of shelves and boxes out there, but is it functional? Will there be enough drawers to store all the sticky notes?

OfficeMessyWhat kind of work space do you have at home? What organisational strategies have you used to help you efficiently create resources?  Share you thoughts with us in the comments below.

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