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Five Things You Should Do On Your Break to Be Ready for Back to School

SummerTitleTeachers are notorious for never really taking a break. We’re super teachers! We never need sleep or down time or family. Somehow we feel guilty if we don’t spend our whole summers getting ready for the new school year.

It’s true-we could spend every waking moment working on our classrooms or planning amazing lessons for our students. Should we feel guilty for not spending every weekend slaving over marking or making resources?

Absolutely not. After all these years of teaching, we’ve managed to figure out that it will still work out whether we spend a thousand hours or three. Summer is a well deserved break.

Here are our five best tips for your break:

Go for a walk. Maybe take a picture of a flower or a tree? Breathe. Drink something refreshing.

Slide3Have a nap. Maybe outside in a hammock or in a lounge chair?

Talk to the people who live with or near you. Host a barbecue or a movie night. Visit face to face with your friends.

Enjoy your hobby. Whatever that is, do it. Share it. Talk about it. Hobbies are those things you do for fun (and don’t get paid for).

Play with animals. If you don’t have any of your own, go to your local SPCA or rescue shelter and snuggle the kitties.

Slide2We hope you notice that none of these things have to do witFile 2016-06-05, 6 41 17 AMh “school.” The best possible thing you can do for your students and coworkers is recharge, refresh and repeat as much as possible so you can be ready for anything throughout the year.

What are your favourite things to do on your break? How do you handle your school guilt? Or if you don’t have school guilt, what’s your trick to it?  Let us know in the comments below (but not if you’re going to accidentally check on your schoolwork by being online!)

Love the Ninjas

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