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Five Things We’ve Found in Our Desk

Things in My DeskBeing that it’s the last week of school, it is a good time to have students clean out their desks. I did the same and here are some of the random things I found in my desk this year.  (Us ninjas have separate desks, so there’s the possibility of a sequel.) Here are some of the most interesting things I found.






Slide21. Chocolate covered pretzels. I always keep an emergency snack in my desk in case I need a chocolate fix.  Uh, it’s no longer there.

Ninja Note: get more chocolate covered pretzels.

Slide3 2. Tums, Tylenol and Halls. Interestingly these containers are only half empty this year.  Either that means this year’s class was less stressful or these are the second containers of each.

Ninja Note: buy these in warehouse size next year.


3. Duck Tape. We used it in lots of ways, but our favourite was decorating our interactive math notebooks.  It also made repairing notebooks easy and colourful.

Ninja Note: You can never have enough Duck Tape.

4. A rock. Yup.  It’s a rock.  It’s now being re-purposed as a paperweight.

Ninja Note: everybody needs a rock.

Slide4 5. A screwdriver. It’s funny how many screws come loose during the year.  Teeny tiny screws!  Everybody needs one of these.

Ninja Note: We may have a few screws loose?

What fascinating things have you found in your desk?  Questionable items? What are the MUST haves in your desk? Let us know in the comments below.

Love the Ninjas

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