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Five Things We Buy AFTER Christmas

Phew! You made it! Christmas is over, but remember how crazy and busy it was? That’s why we always get prepared one year in advance. Are we crazy? No, just thrifty.

Think about all the Christmas items you needed this year. How much did it all cost? More than you planned, right? Here are five things we buy right after Christmas for the next school year to save some money.

Christmas Cards: These are always on sale right after the afterchristmasholidays-up to 75% off, so you can buy cards for your students and co-workers for next to nothing. Make sure you get enough for everyone. Think about how many you used this year to make an estimate for next year.

Wrapping Paper: You never know when you’ll need seasonal wrapping paper for all the school events or to wrap student gifts. Look for paper that can double as birthday or wedding wrap. Paper with patterns is great for art projects or that patterns unit in math. Create art projects with it.

Toys and Games: Often these go on sale during and after the holidays and are great for your bin of indoor recess activities. Look for dice, dominoes and other game pieces you can use year round-especially math games! Christmas puzzles are a cheap way to get puzzle pieces for art or crafting projects. Christmas crackers are a fun game (and a gift at the same time) in the classroom.

Christmas or Holiday Themed Stationery: We use these for student gifts. Pencils, notepads and erasers can be used year round regardless of the theme.

Christmas Craft Materials: Things like tinsel, jingle bells and ribbon are always on sale after the holiday and most of these can be used in projects any time of year. Glitter! Googly eyes! Even ornaments can be turned into new projects.

The trick to saving money, is remembering to use the items through the year. We keep a bin of crafting supplies available in our classroom and use it for everything from Makerspace activities, science, art and math. If the items just sit and on’t get used, it’s really not saving any money. The other trick is to stop spending at some point. We write out Christmas cards for students with names around Thanksgiving and wrap presents for students at the same time. It get too busy around the holidays, so anything you can do in advance will save you time. Stay organized!

Write up a list of the items you used this year and take it with you everywhere you go in the days after the holidays. This way you’ll get what you need at a discount! What you do you buy after the holidays? Let us know in the comments below.

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