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Fingerprint Art

Are you looking for a quick and not-too-messy project for any age? Well, look no further than fingerprint art.

Using a little paint, construction paper and markers, your students can transform their fingerprints into different art projects with lots of engagement and very little time or clean up.

Turn the works of art into holiday cards or frame them for gifts. If you have access to globe/ball ornaments, consider
doing this activity on the ornaments instead of paper for a great gift to send home with students. We used ours to decorate the walls of our gymnasium for the fingerprintart2Christmas concert, but the possibilities are endless.

The day before the project we made paint sponges to save time the day of. With a small piece of sponge that we purchased from a dollar store, we added some liquid paint and let it soak into the sponge. We kept this sponge in a small plastic container with a lid. We made one for white, one for green and one for brown. When students used them, they used one finger, pressed it on the sponge and then pressed their finger to the paper. We had tissue nearby to wipe our fingers until we were done art and then students washed their hands properly in the washroom after the project. Students took turns with the paint sponges. We managed to cycle through thirty students in about fifteen minutes as two or three students can use the same colour at the same time. The paint took only moments to dry, so students could begin drawing with marker almost immediately. Students who were waiting got their papers ready, planned their artwork or drew background details. Many students had time to make several projects at once.

Students had a great time coming up with phrases for their cards or “snowmen stories.”


Your little artists can create snowmen easily with white paint. Snowmen can have three prints or smaller snowmen can have two prints stacked on top of each other. Use the marker to add details like the one shown in this picture.


Reindeer can be created with two brown prints, a large for the body and a small one for the head. Black marker can be used to add antlers, legs and faces. Don’t forget the hooves!


Green fingerprints can be stacked on top of each other to create a fan pattern. Once the paint is dried, add decorations to your tree. If you dare, get out the glitter. We opted for metallic Sharpies.

Give it a try! Let us know how it goes! Consider using your works of art to pass out to community members. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Love the Ninjasfingerprintart

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