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Finding Your Peeps


The most difficult part of teaching is often the fact you are in a room with young people all day long every day. It would be nice to get out and talk to the adults, but the mere culture of school often keeps us from having conversations about our real lives outside of the walls of the school.

That is why finding your peeps is so important.

There is something about teachers that is quite different than other groups of professionals. It does not matter where you are or what you teach. If you teach, you automatically find other teachers and have SO much to talk about. It’s a trait the Mr. Ninjas of the world have had to learn to live with.

It’s partly “WOW! Another human who GETS me? They understand what it’s like to not to have time pee all day or have a severe stationary addiction. The other part is “Wow! An adult to talk to…”

Teaching can be an incredibly isolating activity. This is why talking, collaborating, even just sitting over a coffee is valuable. Finding the people to make this time worthwhile can be a challenge.

Co-workers are important, but not everyone is as blessed as us ninjas with wonderful co-workers. Our colleagues are supportive and have our backs no matter what. It’s what allows us to laugh at our mistakes without fear of judgement. Not all teachers are as lucky.

It can be challenging collaborating, sharing or asking for help in a setting where performance is judged. We know students don’t learn and grow in an environment where they feel they are afraid to take learning risks and teachers are no different.FindPeeps2This is part of the reason we feel so blessed to have found the community of teachers we have found online. Between TeachersPayTeachers.com and the iteachtvnetwork.com we have connected with teachers worldwide. This has turned into collaboration at the GLOBAL level! Imagine…meeting, talking and collaborating with teachers from all over the world?!

For us it has been an unexpected windfall of new friendships, new ideas and more support than we could ever expect. The biggest lesson we’ve learned in our teacherpreneur journey is the importance of connecting. Comment! Like! Join in! Ask questions!

Are you looking for your peeps?  Join us online and let us help you out.


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