Device Disaster-How to Avoid It

Avoid Device DisasterHelp! How do I get my students using our new school devices?

That time of year has arrived when you need to organize the use of devices in your class.

Here are our 5 best tips for setting up quickly and getting your students using technology:

  • Make sure all devices have been assigned a number.
  • Assign a numbered device to your students. Barring catastrophes, they will use the same device every time. This allows you to track damaged devices better.
  • Write your students’ usernames and passwords on index cards or
    get some fancy little cards. (This is more for the younger students.) Keep these hole punched on a ring for easy access.
  • Assign students who are responsible for monitoring the collection and return of devices (in some cases you may even have them be the ones who get the devices, hand them out and plug them back in depending on your set-up and the type of cart you have). This will make the devices last longer. Less hands make neater work!
  • Have some extra hands in your class when you first sign on or if you teach lower grades and “If at first you don’t succeed: Try, try, try again.” You may need a few tries to get everyone going and it may take longer than you had hoped depending on the grade you teach. Don’t give up!

    There-happy ninjas!

    Love the Ninjas

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