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Connecting Social Studies and Art

The most natural place to connect subject areas is by incorporating art into the lessons. It’s easy to think a little colouring will be enough art each week, but it’s important to create art projects that teach actual art skills. We created several lessons around the landscapes and geography we were studying about Canada while building art skills such as drawing, sculpting, painting and printmaking. Want to try it? Read on.

It’s easy enough to teach students about different landforms and landscapes, but you really get a sense of student understanding when you incorporate art. They get to be creative and you get to see what they really know and understand about different geographical features. Sometimes we plan out these projects in advance and sometimes the creativity of our students inspires us in ways we never would have expected-making whole new lessons. We encourage students to look at photographs of different geographical features and then recreate them using a set of art skills. We’ve even gone on sketching and photography trips around our city for inspiration.

We created a product out of some of the best creations we, along with our students, have made over the past few years. There are enough lessons to keep you busy for months, but more importantly, you can be creative with your students and call it social studies or geography. Each lesson comes with detailed steps and examples. Photographs of the steps are included when it is easier than trying to explain.

You can give one of the lessons a try for free. You can download it from our store. If you enjoy it, you are welcome to try out the entire set of lessons. Are you inspired? What are your thoughts on integrating art with social studies? Let us know in the comments below.

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