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Research Skills: Scavenger Hunts

Sometimes students don’t understand how time is of the essence when doing research. They lack the skills to use text features, skim materials and find items quickly.

We’ve been working on this with our students and it’s a struggle year after year.

However, we have managed to find some activities that help students refine their research skills: scavenger hunts. It turns out that making research fun and game-like can have a positive impact on how students complete research. Continue Reading

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Fake News and So Much More

We realized the importance of teaching critical thinking and fact checking one day on Facebook. One ninja-mother-in-law posted an article about an actor that had died-but the actor had died FIVE years earlier. Yet, there she was just a reposting like crazy. A dog with a piece of ham on its face was her next post and that when we started writing our digital citizenship product. Continue Reading

Classroom Set Up Technology

25 Students + 25 Devices + 1 Website = No Problem

25DevicesAbout Share to Classroom 


How many times have you tried to get your class to get to a specific website? Bombarded by 10 students saying, “It’s not working!”? Running around trying to fix every typo of those who can’t copy the web address exactly? 10 minutes later have you wanted to pull your hair out in frustration? We have both felt that and we are tech savvy teachers. It’s enough to drive any teacher over the edge and prevent you from ever using computers again. Continue Reading

Classroom Set Up Technology

The Power of YouTube


YouTube in the ClassroomAs you know, YouTube is a wealth of resources for professional learning, for fun and to learn how to fix your broken gas dryer (ninjas like to fix their own things after all). Using YouTube in the classroom with your students is also a powerful tool (assuming you are allowed to)! Schools and districts who block YouTube are living in the wrong century! To us, it would be like banning a library.

As a teacher it is an invaluable tool. There are so many things you can do. Remember you need to be signed into your Google account first.
Continue Reading