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Ways to Save a Buck (AKA Ninjas are Thrifty!)


TitleSlideNinjas are thrifty and we like to reuse as much as possible, so here are our top five ways to reuse your back to school gear and save some money at the same time.

Repurpose your old borders and signs.  You probably have some of those old borders or signs that are looking tattered or faded.  Try cutting out the little pictures (or better yet have some older students volunteer their time) to reuse.  We use these little pictures for all kinds of things: game pieces, name tags, labels and my personal favourite-classroom sign out.

Just For Fun Teacher Humour

5 Apps Teachers Wish Existed

Five Apps Teachers Wish Existed

Sometimes us teachers could use a hand keeping things under control in the classroom. Even better, us teaching ninjas need to use our time effectively, so here are our FIVE best ideas for million dollar apps that someone NEEDS to create!

  • Automute: Turn the sound off on any students overusing their precious voices. It could also be used on spouses widening the market.

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