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Save Your Sanity- Five Courtesies to Teach

Five Courtesies to Teach Your Students At the beginning of the school year we work hard to teach students some basic courtesies to make everyone happier and keep students responsible for their learning space. these are five basic things we teach repeatedly during the first month of school to our upper elementary students. We also want to stress that just because this is how we do things, doesn’t mean these procedures will work ‘as is’ in your classroom. Feel free to solve the issues in your own way. Continue Reading

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Five Things You Should Do On Your Break to Be Ready for Back to School

SummerTitleTeachers are notorious for never really taking a break. We’re super teachers! We never need sleep or down time or family. Somehow we feel guilty if we don’t spend our whole summers getting ready for the new school year.

It’s true-we could spend every waking moment working on our classrooms or planning amazing lessons for our students. Should we feel guilty for not spending every weekend slaving over marking or making resources?

Absolutely not. After all these years of teaching, we’ve managed to figure out that it will still work out whether we spend a thousand hours or three. Continue Reading

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Flexible Seating: What Do I Do With the Stuff?

Flexible SeatingFlexible seating is all the rage these days. Finding information on different seating arrangements and types of furniture is easy.  But how do you keep students and their many belongings organized?

We’ve used flexible seating in upper elementary classes for the past six years. Our students are taught from the first day how to properly choose a seat, work where it suits them best and how to stay organized so their stuff isn’t all up in our stuff.

Read a previous post about the types of furniture we use in our classroom.  Here’s what we do with all the stuff. Continue Reading

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My Plan Book Isn’t Pinterest Worthy

Plan BookYou’ve seen those beautiful planners all over Pinterest and on everyone’s social media. They are masterpieces that we wish could emulate, but alas, us ninjas have a lot going on and so our plan books have been an evolution. We realized early on that our plans aren’t pretty and we needed a way to share a classroom and thus, share our plans with each other.

Finding the planning style for you takes time. Here are some of our best tips for figuring out your planning style. Continue Reading

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Getting to Know Your Learners

Slide7If you have not read our What is Universal Design for Learning? post, we recommend you start there.

For those of you that have learned a little about UDL, you are now ready to dive in and start the journey.  By coming back for the second post in this series, it must mean you actually want to try this out.  GREAT!  We hope we can help make your journey simpler.

A key component of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is understanding who your students really are. That could include:



Continue Reading