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Stop Overlooking Health Class!

Our curriculum is such that health is taught as part of our physical education lessons. We’re required to have thirty minutes of movement activity. This means health rarely happens for most teachers because it’s shoved aside for more meaningful lessons like reading, writing and math.


There are so many valuable lessons in health class that can actually help with reading, writing and math, so we wrote up an entire year (and then some) of lessons to try to integrate health into other lessons. You have to teach it anyway, so why not get more out of it? Continue Reading

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Teaching Charity Amidst a Crisis

FortMacIt is often at our worst that we see the best in people. For the past few weeks, we have watched around the world as the city of Fort McMurray, Alberta has dealt with the devastation of a wildfire. Our students have seen the ruin on television and some of our school families have been directly impacted as family members work or live in the area. We spent class time talking out our emotions and then decided we needed to do more than just talk. Continue Reading