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Brag Tags for Big Kids

Brag TagsBrag Tags seem to be all over the place, but our students in grades four and five didn’t like all the little kid clip art and they weren’t going to be caught dead wearing a tag on a nSlide5ecklace, so we asked them what they wanted instead and they came up with a brilliant solution.

They came up with trading cards.

So, we built a set of colour trading cards in a variety of styles asking our students for help with the designs. We used an old calendar pocket chart from our teaching in primary grades and gave each student a slot. When we started on the first day, each slot held a blank name tag of each student. We had students colour these and then we laminated them so they would last the year. We hole punched one corner and put them on a binder ring. These were kept in our students’ bins or desks.

Slide3As students earned different tags through the year, they added them to their ring, but they kept one tag in the pocket chart to show it off. The pocket chart was displayed proudly in our classroom, but no students needed to feel left out because the rings with the number of cards were kept put away to avoid too many comparisons.

We found printing everything in colour ink was just a little too costly last year, so we now have ink saving sets. These can printed on colour paper or cardstock. Some of the sets made great colouring activities for our students. Colouring their tags made them more personal.  We made different sets for our American or Canadian friends. They can all be found in our store HERE.  We’ve even bundled them to save you some money.

Slide2Best of all, we have a thank you. Get the name brag tags we used for our students for free HERE. They are editable, ink saving and made just for you!

We were genuinely surprised at how well Brag Tags worked in our classroom. It was a pleasant surprise!

Have you tried using Brag Tags yet?  We have a freebie sampler in our store if you’re not quite convinced.  Give them a try and leave us your story in the comments below!

Love the Ninjas

Brag Tags

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