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Best of Overheard 2016 Edition

We love to eavesdrop on our students for the pure joy of hearing them say something we can post online (usually out of context for a greater laugh). Our students are clever, funny and make the daily grind so worth it.

This year we’ve taken our top ten overheard quotes and are going to tell you the story behind the quote. These ten got the most likes and comments on Instagram in 2016.  Be ready to laugh!

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10.  I can’t my snowman’s balls shaded right. Janie was working with pastel drawing a snowman and blurted it out. There was dead silence for a moment and then raucous laughter from the whole class. She handled the embarrassment like a pro and it even came up in our monthly memories class activity a few weeks later.

9.  I have already used up all my mistakes for the week and it’s only Monday. This gem was overheard when Johnny spilled his water bottle all over his table taking out the work of all five people sitting at the table. His classmates were very forgiving and helped him clean it up, but he was so concerned with messing up the work of his friends that we had to have a quick group meeting to forgive and forget.  This one was a tear jerker for sure!

8.  It’s Halloween so we’re happy today, but tomorrow we’re going to be a nightmare. Halloween on a Monday was a nightmare this year for sure. It took nearly two weeks to get students back to normal after a week of overtired, over-sugared activity. This gem was overheard as students were heading out the door at the end of the Halloween school day and it summed up the week perfectly.

7.  So I wrote a fairy tale called “Three Little Cucumbers and the Big Bad Knife.” I don’t want to give away the ending but it might involve a salad.  Janie’s humour skills often translate directly into her writing. She uses excellent voice and you can actually hear her reading aloud in your head. It was a great story, but her discussion with her writing partner was more fun to listen to.

6.  I think being a teacher would be fun-except for the kids part. Johnny was having some trouble during class making good decisions so one of us asked him to walk and talk it out over recess. He’s a good kid who just makes silly decisions sometimes, so we encouraged him again to live up to his full potential. He confided that he really likes having us for teachers and maybe would want to be a teacher one day…except that he doesn’t like kids apparently.

5.  I made you a math problem and if you get it right, I’ll stop sending you emails with pictures of Donald Trump. We taught students to use Google Hangouts and were using it to do reciprocal math problems together for practice. One student started rewarding students with cat gifs if they got the questions right and then it turned into a ransom situation with students sending each other meme’s of Donald Trump’s hair and the only way to make them stop was to get the questions right. They had great fun and mastered long division with remainders before long. 4.  What happens if I think outside the box? We challenged our students during a Growth Mindset challenge to think outside the box and overheard Johnny trying to be funny with his group mates.

3.  How did teachers know stuff before Google? This came about when a student asked a question about whether or not water was a renewable resource. As we weren’t sure of the answer (it depends on whether or not you think you can clean water?) we asked students to Google it and find out. Johnny* tried to say it under his breath, but it came out a little too loud. We laughed and honestly couldn’t remember what we did before Google.

2.  I’ve got 99 problems and long division is 98 of them. Janie* loves to make me laugh, so she did her best Ariana Grande impression but even she admitted she messed up the words. The mix-up was the most fun version.

1.  My mom told me to ask you if I’ve been good at school. She needs to know if she has to buy you one bottle of wine or two.  It was the week before Christmas break. We were up to our eyeballs in concert rehearsals, cold weather and Christmas frenzy. Johnny’s* mom works in a liquor store and actually asked him to ask if we like red or white wine. She loved the story.

*All student names have been changed to protect the identities of our students.

Oh, and we can’t forget one of our favourites. It was said so innocently by little Janie*. We were standing in a line getting ready to go to the gym when the kids hadn’t quite calmed down. Kids in the back of the line were cracking each other with puns (yes, puns) and so we were waiting for them so get it out of their system, when Janie leaned forward and said, “It must be really hard having to listen to all the stupid things we say every day.”  If only she knew.

Do you have an overheard quote? Send us an email to brainninjastpt@gmail.com to tell us the story or leave us a comment below.  We love to hear from you!

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