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Back to School Power Words

Power Word Brainstorming Do your students write goals? It can be an effective way to have students learn to take responsibility for their behavior or learning. We tried something new this year. Students chose a power word instead of goal.

We started with a classroom brainstorm session where we listed Power Wordsas many power words as possible. There were a few examples on the list when we started so students could gain a sense of what types of words might work. After fifteen minutes we ran out of room on our chart paper, so we knew students were ready to pick their own words.Power Word Display

Making Power WordsStudents were given half of an 8×11 sheet of paper folded lengthwise and were asked to write out their power word in an interesting way. Each student was photographed with their power word which we printed full page size and students placed these in the front of their daily work binder.  It was a constant reminder to aim to live up to their power word.  We also created a display in our classroom where we hung all of our power words for the entire year.  It was a great conversatio

n piece between students and guests to our classroom. Students were challenged to come up with interesting and creative words and loved the idea of making visual representations of their words.  We’ve included this lesson and many more like it in our

Back to School Activity Bundle.

We encourage you to give it a try with your students this year. Let us know your power words in the comments below.

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