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A Teacher Never Rests

Teacher WellnessThe Ninjas have been on holidays, enjoying new adventures to new places. But are teachers ever really off? As one Ninja travels overseas, the other explores the great Canadian west coast.

Day 7:  Walking along the beach, in the early morning mist and fog, the beauty of the ocean is overwhelming and the rocky beach is a rock collectors paradise. Inspired, the rock collecting begins, after all you can never have too many rocks.

Quite quickly and without a second thought, I begin to collect the smoothest rocks on the beach. I turn to my sister and comment how the smooth rocks would be good to have in my class as “soothing rocks” to help my students self-regulate. She responds, while helping me collect more rocks, “You never stop being a teacher do you?”  It reminds me that even on holidays I continue to see things through the lens of a teacher…it never really ever completely shuts off.

Are you able to completely turn the teacher in you off while on holidays or does it always creep up on you at times when you least expect it? What do you do while on holidays that is related to your work as a teacher?

Share a story or a picture of when you have been on holidays and you have done, said, thought, bought etc something related to teaching and how it could help you in your classroom.

 Love the Ninjas

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