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5 Apps Teachers Wish Existed

Five Apps Teachers Wish Existed

Sometimes us teachers could use a hand keeping things under control in the classroom. Even better, us teaching ninjas need to use our time effectively, so here are our FIVE best ideas for million dollar apps that someone NEEDS to create!

  • Automute: Turn the sound off on any students overusing their precious voices. It could also be used on spouses widening the market.

  • Report Card Autoscan: Scan the kid and just print out the report card. Personalized, accurate AND a time saver!  Genius!
  • Lice Detector: No explanation needed.
  • Nose Picking AutoZap: Nose picking? No problem.  Give those students digging for gold a little zap.  Skinner would approve.
  • Heliparent: Shoot them out of the sky in this video game style app (where they’re likely to land on cotton balls or be shrink wrapped in bubble wrap).

What app do you wish existed?  Do you know how to make our app ideas happen?  Let us know in the comments below.

Love the Ninjas

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