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What is Lattice Multiplication?

Lattice MultiplicationSometimes students just get stuck. Even worse, parents sometimes insist their child learn how to do something the way they learned it.

Our Program of Studies requires students to develop a personal strategy to do long multiplication, which means if the traditional algorithm isn’t working for them, it’s up to teachers to help students find a way that works.

The challenge as teachers can be representing information to students in a way they can review and re-watch it. Out solution has been to create short videos for our students and we’ve decided to clean them up and share them with you.

The first video shows lattice multiplication of two digits by one digit (24×8) and three digits by one digit (274×9). Give your students a whiteboard or paper to write the equations and follow along.

The second video shows lattice multiplication of two digits by two digits (27×84).

Lattice multiplication is just one of many strategies that we hope to bring to you in our new video format. We want to help make your life (and our’s in the process) easier. In our experience this strategy is a preferred method for many of our students. If you are looking for specific strategy let us know in the comments below. If you use these videos let us know what your students thought.  Did they help?

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